Les understand this, Slides Mania, created by the incredible Paula, is an amazing website/ platform that provides free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates and themes for teachers/professionals to use in their career path. 

To have better-looking Google Slides use SidesMania. These are FREE.

They’re organised by labels like ‘formal’ ‘fun’ and ‘simple’, so you can easily navigate to find something that suits your needs. Slides Mania has general-use presentation templates, there are also planners, choice boards, and interactive templates.

To use SlideMania templates, make sure you’re logged into your Google account in Slides. Then follow the link to the template you’d like to use. Scroll down a bit and click the yellow Open in Google Slides button. A new tab will open, click the blue Use Template button in the top right of the window (but below the URL bar). It will then open in Slides, and you’ll be free to begin editing. Check out SlideMania’s tutorials linked in the description of each template if you want more information on how to edit different elements.

‘Thena’ pastel geometric template is a fresh pastel color palette and geometric shapes reminiscent of stained glass. This is a fun template for casual presentations or a school project,

‘Howard’ drop shadow graphic template This template features a nice contrast of round oblongs and square text boxes with drop shadows, giving it a fresh and modern feel, as well as a pop of blue color (which can be changed!).

Quinn’s pastel gradient template template showcases a pastel gradient background of blue-grays and purples, complimented by a classical serif font. It’s a clean and aesthetically pleasing template but may not suit a deck that is statistic or graph-heavy as the gradient may distract from more complex visuals. It’d be suitable for design professionals.

You’ve heard of Slides Mania…

Now, Check Out Icons Mania!

Who doesn’t love free graphics?  Am I right?  Well, our awesome friend, Paula, over at Slides Mania has created a new site for all your icon needs:  icons mania!  Paula has been providing tons of great Google Slide templates over the past few years, and now she is providing all her icons for free!  


Well, there are our choices for some easy-to-use and stylish Google Slides templates for our presentations! But if you’re on a tight budget, then the templates and websites featured here can be handy to begin working from. Many of these templates are customizable, so they can be a great starting point, and you can choose the right colors, fonts, graphics, and images for you.